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Eider Ski & Snowboard Outerwear

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About Eider

Eider has been letting sports and passion guide the way they work. A love of detail and "the balance of boldness and responsibility" is how they perfect their craft.

Design detail which erases a garment from your mind when passing through autumn undergrowth, which protects you when ambushed by wind at a pass, which enhances the pleasure you feel when traveling through the mountains, in the Alps and elsewhere. All by fusing know-how, boldness, and technology. And the unexpected creative detail too, because a piece of apparel is also a statement about the personality of an individual — its designer and the person who wears it, uses it, brings it to life.

But such a meticulous focus on designing products that reflect Eider's sporting disciplines and their exponents makes no sense unless it fits into a gentle relationship with nature and the world. When Eider designers select materials, processes and suppliers that are respectful of people and the environment, they do so as carefully as when they draw the visor of a hood, the darts of an elbow or the lining of a pocket. And that is also why Eider actively support initiatives to protect populations of the eider, the wonderful duck that gave them their name.

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