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The 10 Best Snowboards of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 7, 2022


2023 is all about versatility, and this selection of snow-riding crafts is a testament to that. While not every one of these snowboards is a total quiver killer, they all have a good degree of range. Imagine a classic spring powder day at your local hill. It starts off cold and deep, and you’re making first tracks through the trees with your friends. Pretty soon though it's getting tracked, and you’re hunting side hits and bashing through chunder. After a quick lunch break the sun breaks through, and that park you didn’t even consider in the morning is looking mighty fun. With visualizations like that, choosing a snowboard just became that much easier.

New This Year:

Though some of these snowboards truly excel at riding pow or pushing your freestyle prowess, we guarantee you can throw a pair of bindings on any of them and have fun all day. Offerings from CAPiTA, K2, Jones, Season, Ride, Salomon, GNU, and Arbor round out this list. Graphics with lots of blues and blacks, pops of bright color, and unique art means you’ll be riding AND looking smooth on one of these rigs.

CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard 2023


Martian conspiracies. Alien abductions. Mysterious materials from the moon. The CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard combines tried and true twin tip style with super-materials straight out of a sci-fi movie to make one of the most perfect snowboards of our timeline. Upgraded with a new 3D Thermopolymer SuperCore and Moonshot Omni-Tune performance stone grind for maximum speed in any direction, it's a nebulous swirl of natural and supernatural elements all baked into a freestyle vessel that'll pop, butter, and spin like the deep space craft it is. All you're missing is an unexplained monolith to slide. Constructed in Capita’s eco-friendly Mothership factory, you know the quality of this ride is going to be top-notch. The DOA is a medium to stiff-flexing, true twin shape, with a hybrid camber profile that gives you enough float when the snow gets deep. One of the best snowboards for riders who want to take their freestyle skills to the whole mountain.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker6 out of 10True Twin$749.95

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K2 Passport Snowboard

K2 Passport - Unisex

From the steeps and deeps to the groomed and zoomed, the K2 Passport Snowboard will take you there. On the cover, you get a dependable directional shape, designed for all-mountain freeride fun. And once you start flipping through the pages, you'll find that it's backed with K2's top-of-the-line A1 core, triaxial carbon glass, and a super-fast sintered 4000 base. It's high-end tech in a widely accessible package, ready to be filled with stamps from far-flung locales at every snowy corner of the globe. The passport features a hybrid camber/rocker profile, so it’s ready to float, but you can pop an ollie to the moon as well. The Passport is best for the hard-charging resort rider who has a hankering for the deep stuff.

Jillian, Seattle Local Brand Coordinator: "One board to rule them all. I don’t have to worry about what I’m packing for those weekend trips and figuring out what the weather is going to do in those locations. The board has your back in the powder, on the groomers and hitting those cheeky side hits."

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RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker7 out of 10Directional$529.95

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Season Nexus Snowboard 2023

Season Nexus - Unisex

The Season Nexus Snowboard stands out in the arms race of bloated quivers and technical jargon - a simple skeleton key capable of unlocking the innate potential of any day in the mountains. Its straightforward geometry cuts through the noise, creating something that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. Ample float in powder, smooth, engaged turns on hardpack, and dependable performance in everyday resort chop. It’s the ultimate quiver of one - more than enough to remind you why you fell in love with snowboarding in the first place. If you buy one of these puppies before September 21, 2022, you get the Season Lifetime Service Pass, qualifying you for free belt waxes, fall tunes, and discounts on repairs if and when they’re needed! Helpful to your wallet, and the environment by extending the life of your gear.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerMedium FlexDirectional Freeride Twin$549.00

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Ride Shadowban Snowboard 2023

Ride Shadowban - Unisex

Continuing in their trend of making excellent unisex snowboards that are truly built for everyone, Ride introduces the all-new Ride Shadowban Snowboard this year. It's a smooth flexing directional twin with a ton of tech, a camber-dominant profile, a multi-radius sidecut, and sizes from 147 to 164. This dark horse is the perfect board for any rider to grab any day of the season and know they're in for a fun-filled day on the mountain. A mellow flex profile means this board will be a blast in the park, and appropriately forgiving for those closer to the beginning of their snowboard journey!

Ced, Portland Community Impact Coordinator: "I would ride this board, no matter the day or conditions. The board shape is rad — a slightly squared nose and tail, closer to a traditional shape with updated meat and taters to turn a wooden plank into a snow-devouring weapon"

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RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerSoftDirectional Twin$499.95

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Salomon Highpath Snowboard 2023

Salomon Highpath - Unisex

Take the high route with the Salomon Highpath Snowboard. The Highpath is the culmination of Salomon's sustainability efforts paired with their years of making the ultimate performance boards. Eco-friendly and recycled materials in the core, topsheet, base, and edges are kind to the earth without sacrificing shredability. The classic Rock Out Camber and stiff flex are made for high-speed stability and the Popster core with C/FX Basalt adds powerful response to your turns and side hits. Carpooling is great, but it's time to take your stewardship to the next level with the Highpath snowboard. The Highpath while brand new is perfectly positioned to establish a new standard for high performance all mountain snowboards.

Kevin, Outerwear & Bags Buyer: "Very lively feel while still offering enough comfort to handle variable conditions. Directional but with freestyle tendencies the Highpath is the perfect choice if you are looking for a go-to premium all-mountain board."

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RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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CAPiTA Birds Of A Feather Snowboard - Women's 2023

CAPiTA Birds Of A Feather - Women's

Birds of a feather shred together. The CAPiTA Birds Of A Feather Snowboard takes the Defenders of Awesome board and tweaks the recipe for smaller riders. That means it's got the same rad all mountain freestyle shape in a size run and flex profile that better suits you. Yes, you! CAPiTA has opted for incremental change in the latest model, keeping everything that makes this board special but laying it up with a new P2 Superlight Core that sheds a few grams without affecting performance. The result is a deck that's lighter, more nimble, and even easier to throw around. The Birds of a Feather is going to be best for a lady or smaller rider looking to progress their skills to bigger lines and features all over the mountain. And don’t forget, this thing has all the eco-friendly tech in it courtesy of Capita’s production facility, the eco-friendly Mothership!

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker5 out of 10True Twin$499.95

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Jones Dream Weaver Snowboard - Women's 2023

Jones Dream Weaver - Women's

We've got a dream right here. In a world of niche specialization, it's nice to get a simple one-step solution every now and then. If you're looking for a good time on the mountain, get on the Jones Dream Weaver Snowboard and point it downhill. It's as easy as that. This directional freeride board is an all-mountain stoke factory, transforming any snow type into pure fun. It crushes the park, floats powder, stays solid on steeps, and does it all with a natural intuitive feel. With smooth rocker under the front foot and nose, camber between the bindings, and rocker in the tail, the Dream Weaver will float like a butterfly through the deep stuff. Its 6 out of 10 flex rating means it will hold up to serious lines as well. Best for a bell to bell sorta gal with a penchant for pow.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker6 out of 10Directional$499.95

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Salomon Abstract Snowboard 2023

Salomon Abstract - Unisex

If traditional snowboards are limiting your creativity, the Salomon Abstract Snowboard is the versatile freestyle board that will let you best express your style. Rock Out Camber is stable underfoot and forgiving in the tip and tail for fast riding and easy buttering, and the Quadralizer sidecut provides dialed edge pressure for maneuverability and precision. Don't let snowboard manufacturers put you in a box — the Abstract is made for pushing boundaries from the resorts to the streets. Its medium flex, freestyle edge bevel, and popster core ensure it's one of the best playful snowboards for wherever you're looking to throw down some tricks.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Flat/Camber/RockerMediumTrue Twin$499.95

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GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X Snowboard - Women's 2023

GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X - Women's

The GNU Ladies Choice Asym C2X Snowboard breaks out all the stops, incorporating all of the highest-end materials and signature tech that GNU is known for. It uses an asymmetrical design for easy, powerful turns, Magne-Traction edges for insane grip, a hybrid C2x Banana profile for tons of pop and pivot, and finishes this off with Carbon Power bands for a little extra oomph. And of course, the board is Mervin Made, so it's all done by hand in the great state of Washington using the most eco-friendly methods possible. The end result is a premier all-mountain freestyle deck that handles anything with explosive style and unlimited fun. True twin shape means your switch riding feels just like regular, and your trick cup can overfloweth. For the rider who wants the best of the best, makes no compromise, and is looking to fly high and far!

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberMediumAsymmetrical True Twin$629.99

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Arbor Veda Camber Snowboard - Women's 2023

Arbor Veda Camber - Women's

The Arbor Veda Snowboard is an absolute ripper. This directional big mountain board was shaped by Marie-France Roy, and it's her ride of choice for lines of high consequence. It has a slightly tapered, setback shape that floats well in deeper snow, as well as long lines, a sturdy flex, and a full camber profile that generates plenty of power and response when you need it most. To finish it off, the board is made with Arbor's signature commitment to sustainability, featuring a plastic-free topsheet that highlights the beautiful and unique woodgrain patterns of the Cedar Powerply. If you are a more intermediate to advanced rider, or someone looking to get everywhere on the mountain including powder days or backcountry hikes, this is one of the best snowboards for you.

Stevi, Allocation Analyst: "The Veda is a fun and functional all mountain machine. I can tell it was designed by the absolute legend Marie-France Roy. If you are hoping to progress in the backcountry, or just make epic power laps and hard carving turns at the resort, the Veda will keep you feeling strong and secure in a range of conditions."

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RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber5 out of 10Directional$549.95

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