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The 8 Best Backcountry Ski Touring Boots of 2021-2022

It used to be that if you were shopping for ski touring boots you had two choices, you could either go with lightweight options that made climbing easy, but skied about as well as soggy cardboard, or you could get chunky versions of inbounds boots with tech fittings that made any climb a slog. Now though, the touring boot market is populated with an embarrassment of riches. There are boots for everyone, and now the super light boots ski pretty well, and the boots that ski like inbounds boots are pretty light.

But with that better selection comes more difficult choices, it’s harder than ever to figure out what the best touring boots are for your needs. This guide is designed to help narrow down your choices based on how you ski, what you prioritize, and what your goals are. So go treat yourself to one of the best ski touring boots of 2022, you deserve it!

Atomic Backland Pro W - Women's

Best 2021-2022 touring ski boots

The Atomic Backland Pro has long been a class leader when it comes to lightweight touring boots for good reason. It’s very lightweight (right around 1000 grams) has a very good walk mode, and skis well. No, it’s not a stiff backcountry charger, instead, it’s optimized for long days and big missions. If you’re going far, fast, this is the boot for you. The new BOA closure on the lower boot makes it easy to get a snug fit, and the heat-moldable shell eliminates problem areas. The women’s specific version also features a wider cuff to better accommodate female legs.

If you love the minimalist slippers you used to run up mountains in, but need something that can drive real skis, the Backland Pro W are the best touring ski boots for you. And for anyone that values efficiency and comfort in the backcountry, it’s a great choice.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price
9598 mm$699.99

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Dalbello Lupo AX 100

Best 2021-2022 touring ski boots

If you’re just getting into backcountry skiing and can’t really justify the price of touring-specific boots, but still want something capable, the Dalbello Lupp AX is a great option. It’s affordable and versatile, it works well inbounds, but has the walk mode and tech fittings you need for long backcountry days. It’s not the lightest boot on this list, because that’s not the point. Instead, it’s sturdy and reliable. It’s a great gateway drug to the world of human-powered skiing.

So, if you’re shopping for one boot to rule them all, and still want to have money left over for that Avy 1 class, the Lupo AX are some of the best backcountry ski boots and have you covered.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
100100 mm$549.95

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Full Tilt Ascendant Sammy Carlson

Best touring ski boots

If you’ve ever seen one of Sammy Carlson’s ski movie segments, you know he skis hard and aggressively. And his pro model boot from Full Tilt does the same. It’s durable, stiff, and comfortable, with a priority on the ski down over the climb. Similar to the Lupo AX, the Sammy C is equally competent in or out of bounds, with the difference being that the Sammy C is much stiffer and has better power transmission.

So, if you’re an experienced skier looking for a backcountry-capable boot that can stand up to any and all abuse you’ll throw at it, this is our top option and one of the best alpine touring boots out there.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
120102 mm$649.95

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K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance - Women's

The best women's touring ski boots of 2022

The K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance was designed for female skiers who ski hard. Many women’s touring boots are very soft and don’t have good power transmission. Not so with the Mindbender Alliance. The stiff 120 flex means you won’t blow through them, even when you’re charging in variable snow, and the 50° range of motion is great for breaking trails on pow days.

They’re light enough to be competitive with touring-specific boots but still ski well enough to be an inbounds daily driver. For female skiers looking for one boot to rule them all, this is a prime contender and one of the best women’s ski touring boots.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
11098 mm$599.95

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Lange XT3 Tour Pro

Best 2021-2022 alpine touring ski boots

Lange is famous for their race boots, so it’s no surprise that as they’ve moved into the touring category they’ve placed a premium on precise fit and downhill performance. The XT3 Tour Pro skis like a true 130 flex inbounds boot. It’s easy to push hard in bad snow, and it eats up variable bumps without complaint. But, Lange’s recent innovations in design mean it comes in at a very respectable weight for a touring boot. And the 99 mm last width locks in your feet for a very precise ride.

If you’re just planning on crushing big vert days, there are lighter, easier to walk in boots out there. But, if you like to ski hard in the backcountry, and want to bring Lange performance wherever you go, it’s hard to go wrong with the XT3 Tour Pro.

WeightLast WidthOriginal Price 
13099 mm$799.95

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Salomon Shift Pro 130

The best men's & women's touring ski boots

Salomon’s Shift Pro 130 builds on the success of their wildly popular Shift binding to create a boot that’s got similar up and downhill capabilities. That means the Shift Pro is a stiff, aggressive boot, that can still get uphill in a reasonable amount of time. It’s great as a crossover boot for people who split their time between the resort and backcountry. The walk mode is easy to use, and hiking hooks make it easy to skin with your buckles open without them flopping around. And on the way back down it delivers the power and precision you’d expect from an inbounds boot.

So if you feel like your boots might be holding you back, and want to try something with more power, that’s still a strong uphill performer, give the Shift a shot.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
130100 mm$799.99

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Scarpa Gea - Women's

The best touring ski boots of 2022

Scarpa’s Gea has long been a classic option for female skiers looking for a nice balance of up and downhill performance, and this latest iteration is no exception. It’s a little lighter, with a better walk mode than a boot like the K2 Mindbender, but it skis better than a boot like the Atomic Backland. That makes it a great option for all-around backcountry skiers who aren’t trying to set speed records up, or downhill, but do like to get after it.

Combine that versatile design with Scarpa’s three-piece shell, and you’ve got a boot that’s comfortable, easy to get on and off, and has great heel retention when you’re skiing. This is a well-rounded boot for the well-rounded backcountry skier.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
100101 mm$700

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Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

The best touring ski boots of 2022

If you were to illustrate the definition of “punching above its weight” in the dictionary, there would just be a picture of the Zero G. By the numbers this boot is a contradiction. It weighs as much as most 95 flex, very uphill focused boots. But it skis like a true 130 flex on the down. That makes for a potent combination for many skiers. The 99 mm last may be a little narrow for some, but it’s easily stretched, and its downhill performance is hard to match without gaining hundreds of grams.

So, if you’re looking for a no-compromise boot, with the price to match, look no further than the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro.

FlexLast WidthOriginal Price 
13099 mm$899.95

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