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The 5 Best Men's Ski Boots of 2021

Peruse the ski boot section of any web store or ski shop and you’ll be overwhelmed by the brightly colored array of options. Long gone are the days of choosing from one or two models that both make you hate your feet all day long. Now brands have realized that your boots should be just as unique and tailored to you as any other part of your gear. So there are more fit, flex, and feature options than ever before!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best ski boots we’ve found. These are the ones that stand out, that perform well on the ski hill while staying comfortable all day. We’ve compared and contrasted them to help you figure out which model makes the most sense for you, and we’ve also put together a quick reference chart to help you compare some of their most important features. So stop making do with crappy ski boots, your feet will thank you later!

Salomon S/Pro HV 120

The best men's ski boots of 2021

Salomon’s S/Pro series of boots are designed to bring near-race-boot performance to a more comfortable and accessible platform. New this year, the S/Pro HV is the highest volume boot in the series, so it’s got plenty of room for skiers with wider feet and higher arches to stay comfortable. On top of that, Salomon designed this boot with a fully heat moldable shell, so instead of working through the long process of punching for any pressure points, you can just heat mold the whole boot once when you buy it, and then stay comfortable all winter long.

The S/Pro’s 120 flex means it’s not the absolute stiffest boot out there, but it offers plenty of control, even for bigger skiers driving wide skis fast. Salomon has put a lot of development time into the boot’s fit and flex so that they work in tandem to provide a controlled, comfortable ride. If you’ve got narrower feet, a lower volume boot might give you a more precise fit, for the right skier, the S/Pro HV is one of the best men’s ski boots for wider feet. For skiers with less wide feet, or that prefer a different flex, there are a host of boots in the Salmon S/Pro lineup, too.

Flex RatingLast Width Original Price

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Technica Mach 1 MV 130

The best men's ski boots of 2020-2021

Technica’s Mach 1 has long been the standard for high-performance, versatile alpine ski boots. And this latest version just builds on that pedigree. Unlike some of the heat moldable boots on this list, the Mach 1 is designed to have the most anatomical fit possible out of the box. Technica has gone to great lengths to dial in the shape of the liner and the shell to give a snug but comfortable fit to the greatest number of foot sizes possible. Plus the new construction of the Mach 1 MV, using Tecnica’s T-Drive Cuff, means better flex while also reducing weight. The MV Technica Mach 1 doesn’t have quite as roomy of a fit as the S/Pro, but it will fit more securely on average feet that aren’t as wide.

The Mach 1’s flex rating of 130 is one of the stiffest on this list, it’s designed for hard-charging expert skiers, or heavier intermediate skiers that need a supportive boot that won’t fold under them at speed. If you like to lay aggressive race-style turns all over the mountain, the Technica Mach 1 might be the boot for you. Similar to the S/Pro line, the Tecnica Mach1 lineup comes in several different widths and stiffnesses.

Flex RatingLast Width Original Price

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Nordica HF 110

The most comfortable men's ski boots of 2020-2021

But what if you’re not a super aggressive skier looking to charge hard? That’s the question Nordica’s HF 110 was designed to answer. This is the boot for the skier that prioritizes comfort and ease of use over everything else. This is by far the easiest ski boot to get off and on on this list. Its rear buckle and cable system allows the whole cuff of the boot to open up and fold back, so you can slip your foot in easily, without having to dance around the lodge stomping and swearing. And the instep buckle lets you dial in your fit.

The softer 110 flex rating makes it easier for less advanced skiers to push into the boot and initiate turns, without the sore shins that stiffer boots can cause. If you aren’t trying to push the limits of what inbounds skiing can become, and instead just want something that performs well and is very comfortable every day you spend on the mountain, the Nordica HF 110 is one of the most comfortable men’s ski boots of 2021.

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K2 Recon Pro

The best men's ski boots of 2020-2021

On the other end of the spectrum lies the K2 Recon Pro. The Recon Pro is the stiffest boot K2 makes, and the burliest boot on this list. It’s designed for skiers who are tired of overpowering their gear and want something strong and supportive. The Recon Pro also has a narrower, more precise fit to match that high-performance intent. But stiff doesn’t have to mean heavy, K2 has gone to great lengths to cut as much weight out of the Recon Pro, so it’s still light to hike in, and feels invisible on your feet. If you’re a taller or heavier skier, who likes to drive big skis fast, in all snow conditions, the Recon Pro is the strongest boot on this list, and will fit your style well. More intermediate skiers might get along as well with the Recon Pro, and should look for something with a wider fit and softer flex. But if you want the ultimate in power and control, this is the boot for you.

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Full Tilt Kicker

The easiest ski boots to put on

If budget and comfort take priority for you, the Full Tilt Kicker is here to help. It’s the most affordable boot on this list, but it doesn’t sacrifice any performance in its quest to lower the price of entry to quality ski boots - these are some of the best ski boots for the money. Full Tilt’s classic 3 piece design makes it very easy to get your boots on and off, and creates a unique fit that skiers with higher insteps and wider feet will get along with very well. The Kicker’s 102 mm last helps with that as well, there’s plenty of room for your toes to breathe.

But don’t let the Kicker’s mild exterior fool you. While it comes stock with a 70 flex tongue that intermediate skiers will appreciate, it’s easy to upgrade to stiffer tongues later, effectively changing the flex of the boot to match your style as you progress as a skier. So if you’re looking for an affordable boot that you can update to match your own progress, the Kicker is a great choice.

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