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The 9 Best Women's Snowboards of 2020-2021

When it comes to shopping for your kids, you want the best of the best. That’s why we laid out a wide range of options for curious parents who want to see everything the world of children’s ski and snowboard pants have to offer. From toddlers to preteens, bibs to pants, there is an option here for everyone. Different colors and styles allow you and your child to customize their kit to fit their personal style as they learn how to express themselves on skis or a board without sacrificing on protection from cold, wet days on snow.

All of our picks for the best kids’ ski & snowboard pants range from 10k to 15k in waterproof ratings, while offering insulation to help keep your child warm, which means they’ll have supreme protection. And for those of you concerned with longevity, most of these styles offer systems that allow the pants to size up with you kid, saving you some dollars and a headache when that evitable growth spurt rears its head early one Saturday morning.

Burton Skylar Bibs - Kids'

Best 2020-2021 kids' ski & snowboard pants

One of the hardest things about shopping for kids is finding gear that will stick with them for more than one season. One day you wake up and your little shredder looks like they shot up overnight. Burton’s Skylar Bibs work to help solve this problem by integrating a Room-To-Grow system that allows the bibs to grow with your child (up to an inch and a half). To top it off, the Skylar Bibs come equipped with Thermacore Insulation and 10K Waterproofing, so you can ride easy knowing your kid is both warm and dry, ready to take on whatever the day throws at them.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5kRoom-To-Grow™ System$134.95

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The North Face Freedom Insulated Bibs - Big Kids'

The best 2020-2021 kids' ski & snowboard pants

When it comes to branding, the North Face is known for its reliability, trusted by some of the top mountaineers and guides in the world to stand up against extreme conditions, so of course their kids’ products are no different. This unisex pant is designed for a versatile, independent ripper, with pockets for snack stashes and reinforced cuffs and kickpatches for extra strength against hard falls, park features, and tough elements. Water resistant finish and a two-layer dry vent construction increase warmth and comfort. Neutral colorways are fashionable and modest, pair this with built-to-last construction, and you have some of the best kids ski & snowboard pants that will can will make great hand-me-downs for years to come.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
DryVent™ 2LEZ Grow Leg$129.95

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Volcom Barkley Bib Overalls - Boys'

The best boys ski & snowboard pants

Your little ripper has style, that much you know. If you’re looking to make sure your child is not only kitted out but warm, dry, and ready for a mid-season growth spurt, look no further than Volcom’s Barkley Bib. These bibs comes in a range of fun colors and patterns for boys, and feature Volcom’s Grow-Tech that can make length adjustments for seasons to come. 10K of waterproofing paired with an equally breathable membrane, 80g of low-loft insulation, triple reinforced stitching, a Zip-Tech jacket to pant interface, and hookable boot gaiters make for a bib that’s ready to play as hard as your boy does. Snow will stay where it belongs – on the mountain. Take it together, and these are some of the best boys' ski & snowboard pants out there. 

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price

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Helly Hansen Legendary Pants - Big Kids'

The Best 2020-2021 kids' ski & snowboard pants

If your kid tends to lean towards lodge breaks and hot chocolate runs to protect themselves from the cold, the Helly Hansen Legendary Pant can help keep them out on the mountain. Helly Hansen’s PrimaLoft system brings all the warmth and softness with a 100 grams of eco-friendly insulation. The pants waterproof rating is one of the higher of the bunch, coming in at 15K. Add in fully taped seams and waterproof gaiters for some extra protection from cold and wet conditions and you’ve got yourself a pant that’s ready to push your kid to the limit.

Waterproofing/Breathability RatingFeatures Original Price
15k/15k100g PrimaLoft Insulation$110

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Helly Hansen Rider 2 Bibs - Little Kids'

The Best 2020-2021 kids ski & snowboard bibs

When it comes to the littlest of groms, reinforcement is key. From rolling around in the snow after ski lessons to building the perfect powder snowman, not all of their time outside will be spent ripping up and down the mountain as they learn the difference between pizza versus french fry, heelside and toeside. Some extra layers in the seat, knees, and the bottoms of the legs offer your little one extra protection, while 100 grams of PrimaLoft insulation and waterproof finishing keep them dry and oblivious to the elements while they romp around in the snow, while adjustable leg length and suspenders ensure the perfect fit.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
15k/15kReinforced Seat, Knees, Legs$100

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Roxy Non Stop Bib Pants - Girls'

The best 2020-2021 girls snowboard pants

Roxy’s Non Stop Bib Pants are designed to rock all day, hence the name. Roxy’s patented DryFlight Technology comes with a 24 hour dryness rating so that your little ripper can shred all day with no fear for getting soaked or overheating. Bright pink and heather grey color ways are loud and feminine, or more subdued, for gals that don’t want to sacrifice protection for style. Mesh lined vents help little rippers dump heat after some hot laps. A relaxed fit offers enough room for layers and movement so neither her personal or shred style get cramped on the mountain. Roxy’s Non Stop bib are some of the best girls’ ski & snowboard bibs for girls looking to take their riding to the next level, or just have a great day on the mountain.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5k60g Synthetic Insulation$139.95

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DC Roadblock Bibs - Boys'

The best boys' snowboard bibs of 2020-2021

Whether your little guy is gearing up to rip the park, groomers, or black diamonds, DC’s Roadblock Bibs are made for versatility. Clip on suspenders make for easy removal. A chest pocket and two thigh pockets leave room for snacks when they decide to venture off on their own. Reinforced knees are made for hard falls and standing right back up. 10k waterproofness provides weather defense for all conditions, and 80g of Profill insulation traps heat for extra warmth on chilly resort days. Bibs are made for trying new things and these definitely stand up to the test of your boy’s tenacity.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5k80g Synthetic Insulation$129.95

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Rojo Outerwear Limelight Bibs - Girls'

The best 2020-2021 girls ski & snowboard pants

Rojo Outwear’s Limelight bibs are our go-to option for mini lady shredders with sass, style, and skills. Coming in a fun range of prints and colors, these bibs bring the fun to major protection. 15K waterproofing and 10K breathability paired with soft body lining and a back waist warmer keep her warm, scuff panels, an ankle protector, and fully sealed seams keep her gear protected from big sends and hard falls. Rojo’s i-Grow system is designed to keep these bibs going for more than one season. Bonus points, the Limelight bigs are made out of recycled polyester, so you can sleep easy knowing that your kids gear is eco-friendly and capable. The total package makes these some of the best girls’ ski & snowboard pants out there.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
15k/10ki-Grow System$120

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Reima Terrie Pants - Kids'

Best 2021 kids ski pants

Some children don’t like restrictions, especially when it comes to their snow gear. Reima’s Terrie Pant is customizable enough for any child’s mood. These pants come with removable suspenders for days when the snow is deep and your child needs more support, or days when extra straps are too much and your little ripper just wants to throw on a pair of pants. The open chest feature makes sure that your child feels comfortable when the bibs are on, with room to move and layer. 15K waterproofness and a water/dirt repellent finish helps keep pants clean and dry for a quicker turnaround after long days of rolling around in the snow.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
15k/7kRemovable Bibs$120

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Patagonia Snow Pile Bibs - Toddlers'

Best 2021 toddler ski & snowboard pants

Toddlers are some of the cutest little bundles on the mountain, and Patagonia’s Snow Pile Bibs will keep your little bundle comfy, cozy, and dry. Patagonia’s patented H2No technology is tested against years of wear and tear, so if you plan on having more than one little shredder, these pants can be passed down onto the next gen of rippers for years to come. The lining of these bibs are made out of 100% recycled material, so they check off your eco-friendly box. Plus, the Snow Pile bib comes in three bright colors so it’s easy to keep an eye on your grom as they work toward making their first turns on the bunny hill.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
2L H2No®100g Insulation$129

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