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evo Portland Surfboard Repair

NOTICE: We no longer offer surfboard repair.

  Everyone dings a surfboard at some point. If you suspect you’ve damaged your surfboard, whatever you do, don’t keep surfing on it or it will end up a soupy sponge and can be ruined for good. As soon as you notice that your fiberglass is compromised, or you suspect that water might be leaking into the foam, bring it to evo. We will happily take a look and assess the damage and repair process needed. With watersports board repair options including surfboard ding repairs, paddle board repair, and more, evo Portland is the go to surfboard repair shop for getting back in the water ASAP. 

Board Repair Menu

Wakesurf Boards
Stand Up Paddle Boards
Windsurfing Boards
*Not all materials can be repaired, so there may be exceptions within these categories.

Surfboard Repair Pricing

*Pricing Varies*

Please call and/or visit for an assessment & quote.
We work with a local surf shaper based in Portland to ensure that your board gets the love and attention that it needs. Pricing is based on the severity of the damage and the time that it will take to perform the ding repair. Please call us or bring your surfboard into the store for a price and time estimate. If possible, please scrape and clean your board of wax before drop off, so we can better assess the board's condition.