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Gentemstick Snowboard Size Chart - 2019

BoardSize (cm)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
Baby Mantaray148246Up to 9.5
Big Fish16328710.5+
Drifter155256Up to 11.5
Floater162.6255Up to 11.5
Fly Fisk16428710.5+
Giant Mantaray15926610.5+
Giant Mantaray Chopstick159  
Mantaray 149149  
Mantaray 154154258Up to 11.5
Micro Mantaray141256Up to 11.5
Spoon Fish 152152252Up to 10.5
Rocket Fish14529410.5+
Rocket Fish HP144.727210.5+
Baby Stingray151248Up to 9.5
Stingray155257Up to 11.5
Stingray Chopstick155257Up to 11.5
T.T160160257Up to 11.5
The Chaser15628510.5+
The Chaser HP15526510.5+
Zephyr160258Up to 11.5