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Phils's Trails Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Phil’s Trail Complex is Bend Oregon’s premiere mountain bike trail system. With hundreds of miles of singletrack trails, Phil’s is huge and fun, the trails will leave mountain bikers smiling ear-to-ear. Named for a Bend mountain biking legend, this trail system has great shuttle accessed rides, as well as endless country loops that can go as far as Mt. Bachelor. The trails at Phil’s in Bend start just outside of town in the Deschutes National Forest and work their way up the foothills to the east. The Phil’s mountain bike trails have an awesome variety, too, from the dirt jumps in The Lair to the epic flow of trails like Phil’s, Whoops, and Tiddlywinks. There are a handful of more popular trails at Phil’s that are super fun, and a ton of hidden gems to explore and discover.
 Total  Trails74 Difficulty Beginner through Expert
 Total Distance200+ miles Style XC, Enduro, All-Mountain
Phil's Trails in Bend

 Phil's Trails & Map

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Phil's Trail
Intermediate | 7.7 Miles | 249' Climb | 1,345' descent

The namesake trail of the whole area, Phil’s is a ton of fun, with smooth riding and lots of technical options. Phil’s trail can be ridden in both directions, but is primarily used in the downhill direction. The bottom section is easier, above FR 300, the trail is more difficult. Phil’s is a pretty prototypical Bend mountain bike trail, with lots of fun optional features mixed in with buff flow.

Intermediate | 4.3 Miles | 54' Climb | 909' descent

Funner is one of the classic Phil’s mountain bike trails. The trail has some great smooth flow, especially up top, and a lot of fun small drops spread throughout. Riding both directions is popular on Funner, with climbing or downhill only section having been added to ease traffic.

Intermediate | 7 Miles | 427' Climb | 1,595' descent | 00:08:53 avg time

Tiddlywinks is a must-ride trail at Phil’s, with its great descent and fun features. The trail is mostly buff and smooth, with lots of built berms, rollers, and non-gap jumps. There are also several rock features, many of which are optional, making the trail nice for mountain bikers of varied abilities. Many riders will ride Funner and Tiddlywinks as a loop.  

Deschutes River Trail
Beginner | 11.3 Miles | 1,122' Climb (north to south)| 823' descent

The Deschutes River Trail is a beautiful river trail that starts at Phil’s and winds its way towards the town of Sun River. The trail is 11.3 miles, and mostly ridden as an out-out-and-back, for 22 miles of riding. The Deschutes River trail is a scenic mountain bike trail that is pretty easy overall, but does have some technical section, and areas of exposure on steep river banks. The trail is popular with hikers and horses, so be aware of and courteous towards other trail users.

The Lair
Freeride Jump Trails & Dirt Jumps

The Lair is an awesome collection of freeride jump trails at the Phil’s trail system in Bend. These jump lines vary in size and difficulty, with tons of fun options, and lots of great airtime.  
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Common Phil's Routes and Rides

Kent's to Phil's
 Total Distance 10.5 Miles Difficulty Intermediate
 Elevation Gain726' Style XC, All-Mountain
 ClimbKent's DescendPhil's
Funner - Tiddlywinks Loop
 Total Distance12 Miles Difficulty Intermediate
 Elevation Gain1,575' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 ClimbFunner DescendTiddlywinks
Swampy Sno Park Shuttle
 Total Distance12 Miles Difficulty Advanced, Expert
 Elevation Drop2,489' Style Enduro, Downhill
 ClimbShuttle DescendSwampy Lakes  → Swede Ridge → Sector 16 →
Whoops → Phil's

How to Get to Phil's Trails: Parking & Directions

There are many different access points to the Phil’s mountain bike trails, the best place to park depends on what trails you want to hit, and how far you want to ride. One or the most common shuttle drop off points is at the Swampy Lakes Sno Park on the Cascade Lakes Highway. The Phil’s Trailhead is the main access point for the lower trails like Phil’s, Ben’s, and Kent’s. The Wanoga Sno Park is another common access point, and sits at the top of Funner and Tiddlywinks. Cog Wild offers paid shuttles to the various Phil’s trailheads.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Some of the mountain bike trails at Phil’s can be accessed all year long, while the upper trails closer to Mount Bachelor will get more snowy. When there is snow in Bend, the trails will be snowy, too. The Spring and fall are usually the best riding seasons in Bend and at Phil’s, when the dirt is tacky, fast, and not too dusty. The Phil’s Trail Complex Facebook page is a great resource to see current trail conditions.

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