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The 8 Best Women’s Snowboard Boots of 2020-2021

Your snowboard boots are probably the most important part of your setup - the right boot seems to disappear, leaving a seamless connection between you and your slashes and carves. The wrong boot is an obstacle, often leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated. Finding the right boot should be at the top of every rider’s list, and we are here to help you get the best women’s snowboard boots for your riding.

Designed around the specifics of women’s feet and physical dimensions, these boots are packed with both the latest tech and all of the best tried and true features. They have the latest heat-moldable liners for optimal fit and warm comfort. They feature lacing systems that simplify putting them on and taking them off and which also maximize power transfer and lock your heel down. Their shell construction is focused on durability, waterproofing, and fine-tuned flex. They are all built on midsoles and outsoles that work together to absorb all of the impacts that you might encounter on the mountain while also giving you dependable traction in an icy parking lot or a sketchy bootpack on the way to your favorite line.

Choosing the best women’s snowboard boots can be a bit of a quest, and we are here to guide you through the process. The rewards for finding a boot that truly works for your foot and your riding are hard to overstate. Riding in comfort, with warm feet and less fatigue is a true game changer. Read on for a list of some of our favorite options.

thirtytwo Lashed Melancon

Best 2020-2021 women's snowboard boots

Desiree Melancon is one of the most progressive and powerful riders on snow. She’s a multiple-time Rider of the Year, with an exhaustive video library featuring multiple Video Parts of the Year that have showcased her barnstorming approach to street, park, and all-mountain expression. We are in awe of her all-encompassing life-as-action approach.

Desiree’s signature boot, the thirtywo Lashed Melancon, is focused on pure function with no embellishment needed. The traditional laces are dependable and easy to fine-tune in service of each day’s conditions and riding goals. The shell has a 3D molded tongue that allows for a stiffer flex with minimal softening after break-in. thirtytwo’s Team Liner focuses on fit and comfort and is constructed of dual-density, heat-moldable Intuition foam. Lightweight shock absorption comes from the STI Evolution Foam midsole, which is joined with the sure-footed grip of the Performance Rubber Outsole.

If you are a dynamic rider looking for the tunable fit of traditional laces in a boot focused on power, then we recommend that you try on the thirtytwo Lashed Melancon. We think that it will especially reward intermediate to advanced riders who are focusing on putting a little more power into their turns or increasing the amplitude of the features that they step to.

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Ride Hera

The best 2020-2021 women's snowboard boots

The Ride Hera snowboard boots are designed to be fit for a queen, with a focus on comfort and all-mountain versatility. Advanced tech and attention to detail elevate this boot to goddess status, underpinning convenience and luxury with performance. These are some of the best women’s snowboard boots for the intermediate or advanced all-mountain cruiser looking to maximize comfort but who still wants a boot that can perform when called upon.

The tech is packed in these boots. Ride starts with their women’s-specific Jade Last and IN2GRATED Construction, factory molding the liner inside the shell for the lightest weight and smallest footprint possible. The LSD (Ladies’ Specific Design) CAT (Calf Adjustment Technology) is a velcro-adjustable boot cuff for a custom fit in a part of the boot that we find can often be a challenge. The H4 Coiler Boa and Boa Tongue Tied Fit System combine two boa systems to enhance fit and heel hold without the need for a traditional harness. An Intuition Support Foam liner is heat moldable, with a Black Gold Liner Mesh that has bamboo charcoal for better odor control and which works with a reflective foil system for improved temperature regulation. The JADE Plus sole features 3D Formed Dual Density EVA and Ride’s +Slime Midsole for shock absorption and stable support.

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K2 Kinsley

The best 2020-2021 women's snowboard boots

We all know that rider who is the first on the hill and the last off of it at the end of the day. She can’t seem to get enough turns or side hits, still getting in laps long after the rest of us have headed for the lodge or the lot. The K2 Kinsley is made for that rider.

The Kinsley’s shell features the consistent flex of an articulating cuff. The Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner is built for versatile comfort with a heat-moldable combination of medium and high-density foam and is paired with the support of a 3D molded EVA insole. The H4/M3 Focus Boa Fit System features Boa’s latest reels in an overlapping dual-zone arrangement that focuses heel hold and allows for independent upper and lower tightening. The Grips! Premium Rubber Outsole has Harshmellow Dampening to cut the chatter and lessen fatigue while riding.

The K2 Kinsley is our choice for the all-mountain rider looking for all-day comfort, the ease and firm closure of Boa, and a flex just on the stiffer side of medium. If you are that rider, putting your boots on before the sun is up and not taking them off until long after it went down, then the Kinsley is for you.

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Vans Encore Pro

The best women's snowboard boots

The quality of Vans’ boot selection has surged in recent years, and the Vans Encore Pro has become a particular favorite as an all-mountain freestyle-focused boot. It’s a popular go-to for the women on the Vans team, and we see them on just about every hill where we ride.

The Encore Pro shell has an instep flex zone for consistent, natural ankle flexion that pairs with Vans’ Pleasurecuff elasticized cuff for comfort and better fit. The V2 Ultracush liner with Smartwool has a neoprene forefoot for flex, a heat-moldable dual-density core, a wool lining for quick wicking and drying with minimized odor, a nice touch. A Boa Custom Focus system includes two reels and three tightening zones that help dial in heel-hold and eliminate pressure points.

This is the boot for the intermediate or advanced rider who wants an all-mountain mid-flexing boot that leans a little more in the freestyle direction in terms of optimized mobility for tweaks and grabs and a cushioning solution focused on board feel. If you want a comfortable boa boot with a little more playfulness than other all-mountain options, then give the Vans Encore Pro a look.

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DC Mora Boa

The best 2021 women's snowboard boots

The DC Mora Boa snowboard boot is the flagship women’s boot from DC. It features their top-line tech in a stiffer-flexing package designed for riding that takes your all-mountain freestyle or freeride adventure a little bit further into the back bowls or deeper into the backcountry.

The Mora Boa’s shell is constructed with an articulated cuff for consistent flex and a Stormproof Storm Flap over the lower boot for enhanced waterproofing in deep snow and durability on sleds. DC’s premium white liner combines memory foam with heat moldable foam and thermal regulating fleece lining for second-to-none comfort out of the box and a next-level custom fit. The Dual Closure Boa System has Boa’s latest H4 Coiler reels in independent upper and lower zones that meet at the instep, joining forces to emphasize heel hold. The Mora’s Impact S Insole and Contact Unilite Outsole are light weight and create a skateboard-like board feel while still absorbing impacts.

We suggest the DC Mora Boa as the boot for the advanced or expert rider taking her precision and power to bigger terrain and stomping landings in deeper snow. It has the tech and features to keep up with the most aggressive riders.

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Burton Ritual LTD Boa

The best women's snowboard boots of 2020-2021

Burton has been one of the biggest, most innovative snowboard boot manufacturers since they were among the first companies to market a purpose-built boot to riders back in the eighties. The Ritual LTD Boa is their lightest high-end boot in the women’s line, melding their proven performance with emerging tech that enhances comfort, durability, and waterproofing.

Burton’s Women’s Specific True Fit Design encompasses all aspects of the boot, no matter how small the details might be, tailoring each for women’s dimensions, body mechanics, and riding styles. The shell is constructed of Ultraweave, a hard-wearing synthetic that is waterproof and extremely lightweight. The Imprint 3 liner has a DryRide Heat Cycle lining, Burton’s Plush Cuff 1.0 for a snug fit, and is surrounded by their Focus Cuff system, locking the liner to the shell and boosting heel-hold. The Dual Zone Boa Coiler System features Burton’s exclusive New England Ropes laces, which are warrantied for life.

We recommend the Burton Ritual LTD for the progressing intermediate or advanced rider who is looking for a particularly lightweight, high-tech all-mountain boot. If you also want a Boa closure system for ease of use and a versatile medium flex, then this could be the boot that you have been waiting for.

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Vans Ferra Pro

The best 2020-2021 womens snowboard boots

Some riders prefer the tried-and-true dependability of traditional laces. We understand that. Nothing else offers the level of micro-adjustability and easy replacement if something goes wrong. The people at Vans get it, too. They’ve built a mid-flexing all-mountain boot that has laces you get to tie yourself – and as a bonus they’ve thrown Boa into the mix in a hybrid system that locks you in and maximizes response.

The Ferra Pro’s shell features an instep flex zone, mimicking the natural flexion of your ankle and minimizing shell pinching as the boot flexes. The Powercuff strap can wrap either around the top of the liner or over the top of the shell tongue, aiding in power transfer and response. Vans’ V2 Ultracush Liner with Smartwool is teamed with their V2 Boot Harness for comfort, fit, and response. The Hybrid Boa system is the real star of the show, combining a top to bottom traditional lacing system with an instep-focused single reel Boa and Vans’ Custom Slide Guide for tunable, enhanced heel hold.

We recommend the Vans Ferra Pro for the intermediate to advanced rider who is looking for a mid-flexing all-mountain boot and prefers all that traditional laces have to offer. If you also want a little bit of a turbo charge to your boot’s heel hold, then the Ferra Pro is for you.

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thirtytwo STW Double Boa

Best 2021 womens snowboard boots

Ill-suited or underperforming boots are an obstacle for progressing riders. Cold feet, pain, and poor fits all detract from the pure joy of building your skill set while exploring the mountain. thirtytwo knows this just as well as we do, and they have a solution in the form of the STW Double Boa snowboards boot.

The shells are lasted in true half sizes, resulting in 1:1 fits between shells and liners that enhance response and fit. The Overmolded shells are beyond durable and feature a 3D molded tongue for a tuned, dependable flex. The Comfort Liners are constructed of dual-density heat moldable foam for precise fit and have thirtytwo’s Grip and Rip Velcro heel hold to combat heel slippage. The Comfort Footbed and STI Evolution Foam sole join damp cushioning and support. The Double Boa closure system is constructed with two separate boa reels, one for the upper zone and one for the lower zone. This allows for precise fine-tuning of fit and flex.

We suggest the thirtytwo STW Double Boa boot for the beginner to intermediate rider who wants a dependable, comfortable, soft-flexing boot that can support their progression. We especially like the easily-tuned Double Boa system and thirtytwo’s established record for fit, performance, and durability.

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