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The 9 Best Powder Snowboards of 2022 - Men's & Women's

It’s about to be 2022, that’s like, the future maaaan. If you don’t own or haven’t ridden a powder-specific snowboard yet, then you are most certainly living in the past. This style of board has exploded in popularity over the past decade, and for good reason too. Virtually every brand offers at least one powder-focused shape in their line, and most have multiple options to choose from.

This year’s fresh crop of rippers, floaters, blasters, and cruisers is anything but monolithic. Every option here on our list of the best powder snowboards of 2022 brings something unique to the table. We’ve got deep swallowtails and blunt tails, we’ve got short & wide boards as well as more traditional lengths, and there are a mix of flex, outline, and camber characteristics to boot. The days in which you could slap a wide nose and some rocker on a board and call it good are gone. It’s a new era and it’s time to mount up!

An increasingly common theme in recent years are powder snowboard collaborations with renowned surfboard shapers. This trend is a key to what unites these rides. Though they may differ significantly in shape, just like many surfboards, they are all designed to shred our favorite type of frozen water - untouched pow. Whether you are looking to draw big smooth lines on an open face, or slash tight turns through trees, you are sure to find something here to help you choose the best powder snowboard to surf the white wave with much more finesse than your standard craft.

CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin

Best 2021-2022 powder snowboards

Yeah, that's right: CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard. Powder. Twin. It makes sense when you remember the surfy, playful, don't-take-yourself-so-seriously ethos of the Spring Break line. The Powder Twin keeps the extra wide waist, the tight, carvey turn radius, and gentle Surf Rocker profile of its directional cousins, but packages them together in a Twin shape that's perfect for playful freestyle powder riding. Grab your homies and get to work that backcountry booter you've been talking about for years, this is the board you've been waiting for.

StiffnessRocker Original Price
MediumSurf Rocker Twin: Rocker/Camber/Rocker$529.95

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Lib Tech T.Rice Orca

The best 2021-2022 directional snowboards

What's your idea of fun? Painting watercolors? Watching sportsball? Sitting on the couch giving the old thumbs a workout? They're all valid, of course, but if your idea of fun involves tossing yourself down mountains, snorkeling through bottomless snow, and breaching like a stoked out sea creature, boy do we have the tool for you. The Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard is king among all-terrain vehicles, and Travis Rice's go-to tool for slicing up the resort and sidecountry alike. It rails groomers, smashes pow, floats like a dream, and handles spicy tech zones with ease. It is quite simply one of the most capable all mountain boards in the biz. Sound like fun?

FlexShape Original Price
StiffC2x: Camber/Rocker/Camber$649.99

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Nitro The Quiver POW

The best 2021-2022 mens powder snowboards

When you start measuring the snow in feet and every turn is a gateway to the white room, you want the Nitro The Quiver POW Snowboard in your arsenal. It's crafted with Nitro's super stable Trüe Camber on a wide, stubby shape for insane float and maneuverability in the deepest snow. A moderately stiff flex gives it send-worthy stability in all terrain, and the progressive sidecut tapers into a majestic swallowtail for unsinkable performance in the deepness. Surf's up!

FlexShape Original Price
StiffCamber, Tapered Swallowtail$429.95

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Season Forma - Men's & Women's

The best powder snowboards of 2022

You know it when you feel it - a Platonic ideal brought to life for a few fleeting moments of gravity fed bliss. Like the Wizard of Oz bursting into technicolor after a lifetime of sepia, the perfect turn changes everything. The Season Forma Snowboard is crafted to seek it wherever it lies, with a volume shifted swallowtail design that harks back to the early days of surf shaping. This throwback pow shape offers dolphin-like agility in deep snow, but crank it up to speed on firmer ground and the Forma gives as good as it gets, begging you to get low and drag a hand. Perfection, personified.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumDirectional Tapered, Volume Shifted Swallowtail$599

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Jones Storm Wolf

The best powder snowboards of 2022

If huge lines and warp speeds are your thing, check out the Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard. Combining the shape and profile of the acclaimed Storm Chaser and Lone Wolf boards, this swallow-tailed beast blends all-mountain freeride versatility with the powder performance of Jones' Surf Series. It'll turn on a dime, float like a champ, and the tapered swallowtail allows for easy slashing in tight spots. Swallowtails are rad, and this one is up there with the best.

FlexShape Original Price
StiffProgressive Sidecut, Tapered, Swallowtail, Surf Camber$599.95

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Salomon Pillow Talk - Women's

The best 2021-2022 powder snowboards

Sure, we've heard of people taking their Salomon Pillow Talk Snowboard to bed with them, but the better conversation is going to be on the mountain with a bunch of fresh snow. The Pillow Talk has a twin profile and a slightly tapered tail to give you the best of both freestyle and freeride worlds, combined with a carefully chosen set of features like the Quadralizer Sidecut to retain edgehold when you need it and Ghost Basalt Stringers to keep the ride damp when the going gets fast.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumTapered Twin, Rock Out Camber$449.95

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Cardiff Swell Enduro

The best 2021-2022 powder snowboards

Tides are rising, and the tsunamis of white froth are descending into the lowlands. Grab your Cardiff Swell Snowboard and paddle out. It's a big, tapered, directional shape that's built for the white room, with a little camber between the feet, long gradual rocker in the tip, and a bomber construction that can take a beating. It's everything you need to amp your powder euphoria up to an 11.

FlexShape Original Price
Medium30mm taper, SURF Tip and WINGPIN Tail$750

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Jones Mind Expander - Women's

The best 2021-2022 womens powder snowboard

Want to throw the doors of perception wide open? No need to disappear into the desert on a vision quest; just strap into the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard for an afternoon. Blending a directional shape with 3D Contour Base 3.0 and a smooth, full rocker profile designed by legendary surf shaper Chris Christenson, this all-mountain slasher exists at the hallowed intersection of burly freeride, creative freestyle, and good old fashioned pow-surfing. Whatever your style, the Mind Expander will have you looking at the mountain in a whole new light.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumBlunt nose, 3D Countour Base 3.0$599.95

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GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard - Women's

Best 2022 women's powder snowboards

Break the chain of the mundane with the GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard. This board is all about getting you to that out-of-body experience on the slopes, while keeping your actual body in complete control of proceedings. The short, wide volume shifted design floats through deep snow and maneuvers tight spaces with speed and skill that regular boards just can't match. C3 camber gives it stability and pop while lightweight, tapered construction and a 3" setback make your powder surfing dreams a reality. Head to the hills and experience true freedom with the GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard.

FlexShape Original Price
StiffC3 Camber, 3" setback$549.99

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