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The 9 Best Women's Skis of 2021-2022

So you’re shopping for skis for yourself. Congratulations, new ski day is exciting! That said, the journey to that perfect pair of new skis isn’t always straightforward. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. We get it, the women’s ski market is complicated. Some brands just put different topsheets on their men’s skis and market them to women, others might tweak the flex pattern, and still, others design their women's skis from the ground up. And each one of those approaches will lead to a slightly different product. It’s not that one is superior, rather, they each affect how the ski feels on the mountain differently, and the goal is to find a ski that will mesh best with your personal preferences.

To make that process simpler, we’ve put together this list of the best women’s skis we’ve found. These are the ones that really stood out to us as class leaders. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all interchangeable. Instead, each ski on this list is a great option for a different sort of skier, depending on your location and skiing style. So we’ve broken down what sort of skier each of these will appeal to, to help you find the ski that will work best for you as you sort through the best women’s skis of 2021-2022!

Armada ARW 106 UL

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

While most ski brands start by designing a men’s ski and then sizing it down for women, Armada did the exact opposite with the ARW 106 UL. They designed the ski from the ground up for ladies, and then expanded the sizing so that there’s a size for just about anyone. That’s great since it means that plenty of testing has happened to make sure that the shorter sizes ride just as well as the longer ones. Beyond that, the ARW 106 UL is a unique ski based on its construction as well. It’s very light for its 106 mm width which means it’s easy to flick and pivot around, and even tour uphill on. The Smear Tech sculpting in the tips and tales makes it easy to butter and slash without catching, and the Caruba core helps absorb snow irregularities.

The ARW 106 UL is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-mountain 50/50 or touring ski. It’s light enough for long days in the backcountry, but performs well on aggressive inbounds runs as well. So if you like to ski a little bit of everything, all on a light ski, the ARW 106 UL fits the bill and is one of the best women’s skis of 2022.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
106 mm164, 172, 180, 188 cm$699.95

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Black Crows Atris Birdie

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

The Black Crows Atris Birdie was designed as a do-everything ski for do-everything skiers. It’s got the backbone to take Freeride podiums, but it’s approachable and easy enough to ride that it’s happy to bop around the bunny hill with kids as well. And that impressive versatility extends to snow conditions as well. No matter what the snow report says, you’ll have a good day on the Atris Birdie, it handles week-old chop as well as being one of the best women’s powder skis for deep fresh pow. While it’s a little heavy for full-time touring, the Atris Birdie is a great candidate for a 50/50 binding like the Shift, it’s a great ski if you want to grab a few laps out of bounds between charging resort runs.

If you crave simplicity and versatility, the Black Crows Atris Birdie is your next quiver of one. You can ski it every day happily at your home hill, and then head off to just about any ski destination knowing you’ll enjoy it there too.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
108 mm160, 169, 178 cm$839.95

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Coalition Snow SOS

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

With Coalition Snow, you can be confident that your women’s skis aren’t just an afterthought. In fact, they’re the only thought. Instead of just branching off their women’s skis from a men’s line, Coalition only makes women’s skis. That means that a whole bunch of thought and energy has gone into every facet of each model. The SOS is their all-mountain do-it-all ski and one of the best women’s all mountain skis. With a 101 mm wide waist, it hits that sweet spot of width that’s comfortable learning rails in the terrain park or dodging trees on a pow day. Tip and tail rocker help it pivot in deep snow, and the long 25 m turning radius means they’re happy to run fast when you let off the brakes on a fast groomer.

The Coalition Snow SOS is light enough to be your full-time touring ski but has enough backbone to hold its own at most resorts too. It’s very versatile, and easy to get along with, which shouldn’t be surprising given that it’s designed specifically for, and by women.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
101 mm157, 166, 173, 180 cm$749

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Head Kore 97 W

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

Head dove into the 50/50 backcountry/resort market with their Kore line of skis. They all use lightweight graphene constructions to create efficient skis that still ski well on the down, and the Kore 97 is no exception. Head describes the Kore 97 W as an “adventure” ski, it’s designed to broaden your horizons in, and out, of bounds. Its low weight won’t hold you back through long days on the skin track, and its subtle tip and tail rocker mean it can handle just about any snow condition. This isn’t a frontside charger like the M-Pro 90 W, instead, it’s designed to go a little slower, but be more versatile through a different range of conditions, making it one of the best intermediate women’s skis.

If you see your skis as a vehicle for exploration, an opportunity to go wander in the hills, the Kore 97 W is happy to wander with you.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
97 mm156, 163, 170 cm$699

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Blizzard Black Pearl 88

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

If you crave corduroy, the Black Pearl 88 from Blizzard is the ski for you. It’s designed to crush and cruise the piste. It’s the narrowest ski on this list, and as such, it’s positioned for directional skiers who like to make a variety of turn shapes inbounds. It’s got great edge grip and suspension, so it’s reliable at higher speeds, and on icy snow. And even when things are a little softer and deeper, the Black Pearl holds her own with a little tip and tail rocker that keep things maneuverable in soft snow.

If powder days come few and far between for you, and you’re looking for a ski that makes all the other days on the hill more fun, the Black Pearl 88 might be the ski for you.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
88 mm147, 153, 159, 165, 171 cm$649.95

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Armada Reliance 92 Ti

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

If the Armada ARW 106 UL covers the lightweight powder skiing end of the spectrum, the Reliance 92 Ti covers the opposite end of things. If you like to spend your ski days arcing aggressive turns no matter what the snow conditions are like, the Reliance 92 Ti might be the ski for you. It’s got a lot of backbone and a high top end, both attributes that lend themselves to skiers with strong technique and a need for speed. That doesn’t mean that these are some unwieldy race ski though, the lightweight core keeps them manageable no matter how fast you’re going, and they’re happy to make whatever turn shape you’d like.

That said, the Titanal banding makes them exceptionally damp, so they absorb variations in snow well and smooth out the slope. If you live in a lower snow area and like going fast, the Reliance 92 Ti are the best skis for your needs and have you covered.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
92 mm156, 164, 172 cm$649.95

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Icelantic Riveter 95

Best 2021-2022 women's all mountain skis

The guiding philosophy behind the Icelantic Riveter 95 is “fun”. These skis are designed to be fun no matter what your ski day throws at you. Icelantic went to great lengths to shave weight from the Riveter 95, without sacrificing the energetic character that many of their skis are known for. That means that the Riveter 95 loves to pop in and out of turns, wherever you happen to be making them, Generous rocker means it punches above its width in deeper snow, while the short sidecut makes for snappy carves back on the groomers.

If you like to dance around the mountain, making the most of every turn and feature, the Riveter 95 is the perfect partner.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
95 mm155, 162, 169 cm$679

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Dynastar M-Pro 90 W

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

When Dynastar revamped their entire Freeride series last year, the M-Pro 90 W got some tweaks as well. Now, it’s one of the hardest-charging women’s skis around. Some of that comes from the M-Pro’s hybrid core, it uses a combination of poplar and PU plastic to eke out a great combination of suspension and liveliness. That means there’s plenty of energy in the ski to accelerate into and out of turns, but it also does a great job of absorbing chatter and avoiding tip flap. The M-Pro is a front-side charger in every sense of the name. Whether you’re ripping groomers or banging your way through moguls, the M-Pro does more than just keep up, it pushes you to ski even harder.

If you like to ski aggressively and have a powerful technique, the M-Pro 90 is the inbounds ski for you.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
90 mm154, 162, 170 cm$599.95

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Fischer Ranger 102 FR

Best 2021-2022 women's skis

Fischer didn’t worry about shrinking and rebranding their popular Ranger 102 FR to create a women’s version. Instead, they just offer the ski in 6 lengths, all the way from 156 to 191 cm. And you can get either a blue or a pink top sheet on any length. So don’t worry about arbitrary gender binaries, just pick your length, in the color you like, and go skiing. While that’s a refreshing change from the status quo, what really makes the Ranger 102 FR stand out is its performance. Fischer nailed it with this ski. It’s so composed and responds well to a variety of skiing styles. You can drive it aggressively through the tips, or take a more centered approach, pivoting your way down the hill. Either way, the Ranger 102 FR responds enthusiastically.

The 102 mm width puts it in a place where it can rip groomers almost as well as a dedicated on-piste ski, but can also handle deeper snow just fine. So if you’re looking for a very versatile ski that’s not just a watered-down men’s ski, the Ranger 102 FR is a great choice.

Waist WidthLengths AvailableOriginal Price
102 mm156, 163, 170, 177, 184, 191 cm$699.99

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