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The 8 Best Women's Skis of 2020-2021

The best women’s skis don’t just help you make turns, they make memories of unforgettable days exploring the mountains. Looking back at those all time days, the special ones, the ones that felt just a little bit magical, a few things stand out: your location, who you were skiing with, and what you were skiing on. With the right skis, on the right day, everything just clicks, every slash is seamless, and every pop effortless. They paint the memories of those days with a technicolor radiance. While we wish every day was like this, but with the best skis, even less than ideal conditions can be just as fun.

So we’ve put together this list of the best women’s skis to help you find the ones that enhance the magic of skiing, not bring it crashing back down in an avalanche of frustration. We’ve got skis for everyone, and every terrain type, from slushy closing day groomers to that dream Japan trip. So stop settling for mediocre days, and get a pair of skis that will help you live your next best day ever.

Salomon Stance W 94

Best 2020-2021 women's skis

If you can’t think back on the highlights of last season without your lips curling back a little in memory of the high speed draft that rippled them as you ripped mach-chicken (that means fast) turns down the fall line, the Salomon Stance W 94 might be right up your alley. Salomon is unapologetic with this ski: it likes to go fast, if you do too, you’ll get along just fine. They say that ski racers never truly stop racing, they just trade bashing gates for buzzing vacation snowboarders sitting in the groomers. The Stance 94 makes the whole mountain your race course.

The Stance W 94 is the widest ski in the Stance line, and it’s versatile enough to handle chopped up snow and inconsistent groomers, but this isn’t meant to be some quiver-of-one for pow-oriented skiers. It lives for firm snow, groomed runs, or fast, compacted off-piste skiing. It’s got two layers of metal to make it damp, with a lightweight wood core to keep things nimble and lively. Go fast, take chances, ski the Stance W 94.

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Rossignol Black Ops Rallybird

The best 2020-2021 women's skis

The best friends are the kind that you can pitch on an adventure at the last second, and no matter how terrible an idea it is, no matter how outlandish an excursion you’re proposing, they’re happy to rally and make it happen. The ski version of that unmatched enthusiasm and versatility? The Rossignol Black Ops Rallybird. It’s versatile, and it’s happy to do a little bit of anything, because this bird can’t be pigeonholed. 101 mm wide underfoot, and moderate tip and tail rocker help make the Rallybird ready to handle whatever you’ve got in mind. It’s a blast to slash in untracked backcountry powder, but it’s got the stability and edge grip to help you rip groomer laps all day. And it’s not just a good ski, it’s kind environment too with recycled materials throughout.

The Rallybird is light enough for long backcountry days, but not too light that you’re sacrificing the fun turns on the way down for easier kick turns. So stop making excuses, grab the Rallybird and rally on down whatever type of run makes your heart sing. New this year, the Black Ops Rallybird is one of the best women’s skis of 2021.

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Icelantic Maiden 101

The best 2020-201 women's skis

The harder you try to plan every detail of a day of skiing, the more likely it is to get derailed. Luckily the Icelantic Maiden 101 is here to catch you when things start to go sideways. It doesn’t care if you were planning on icy groomer laps and a surprise 10 inches fell overnight, Maiden can step up and handle it. Did that chute look great from the lift, but now looking down it it’s more of a manky chunderfest? Don’t sweat it, if you’ve got the Maiden on your feet you can drop in with confidence. The Maiden 101 is reliable and predictable, it’s hard not to feel comfortable in just about any terrain or snow on this ski.

The Maiden’s 101 mm waist puts it in the “do-it-all” category. Ex-racer types of skiers won’t be frustrated by its width, while powder hounds will appreciate the float its tip and tail rocker bring to the party. One ski quivers are always a compromise, but the Maiden strikes a great balance. Don’t worry if the weatherman called it wrong, if you’ve got the Maiden on your feet you’re going to have a good day.

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Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL

The best women's skis of 2020-2021

Who hasn’t fantasized about a trip to one of the powder meccas? Maybe a week in Japan, or Revelstoke? The thing about dreams though, is that when it comes time to make them come true, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the right skis. And if your dreams involve endless powder, you should probably take a look at the Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL. Sure, the name’s a mouthful, but you might recognize the name from the legendary VJJ of old, and the ski itself is feathery light. The VJJ UL is designed with a singular focus: make the most fun type of skiing even more fun - these are some of the best women’s powder skis of the year. To that end it’s got a very lightweight Caruba core, Armada’s special Smear Tech to help keep it loose in tight trees, and a fiberglass matrix to keep it poppy and fun.

And don’t worry, if those deep snow dreams are just dreams for now, the VJJ UL is a capable powder ski even for places that aren’t legendary for their storms. Armada has managed to make a pow slayer that isn’t a handful when the snow is firmer and more chopped up. And its light weight makes it a perfect contender for a powder touring ski. So, whether you’ve got the tickets purchased for that dream trip, or you’re still just fantasizing about endless face shots, the VJJ UL is the ski to make the most of that fantasy.

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Blizzard Black Pearl 88

The best 2020-2021 women's skis

What does the legendary pirate ship, the Black Pearl have in common with this ski that shares its name? They both can weather choppy seas with smooth, composed, timeless style. Some of the skis on this list are built for a specific set of conditions that only come once in a blue moon. The Black Pearl 88 is a little more practical, it’s designed to make the most of whatever conditions you actually happen to have, not just the ones you dream about. It slays chop, crud, and groomers with ease. This is a great choice for riders on the East Coast, or those looking for a hard-snow focused all mountain ski anywhere.

The big update to the Black Pearl this year is its core. A blend of denser and lighter woods allows Blizzard’s engineers to tune the Black Pearl’s ride to be both responsive and damp at the same time. So if you’re a realist, if you see the snow conditions for what they are, and want to make the most of them, the Black Pearl 88 is the ski for you.

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Line Pandora 104

The best women's skis of 2021

Line’s Pandora 104 is a classic for good reason. It’s been around in one guise or another for years, but this latest model is the most refined yet. Line has dialed it in, trimmed the fat, added a little magic, and whipped up something really special. If there’s even a chance that there’s fresh, soft snow somewhere on the mountain, and you’re eager to go seek it out and make as many slashy turns as possible, the Line Pandora is the ski to bring on your hunt. It’s designed to make the most of anything that looks remotely like powder. And if your search is unsuccessful and all you find is bumped out crud, that’s ok, the Pandora gobbles that up too.

At 104 mm underfoot, with plenty of rocker, the Pandora 104 can make a few inches feel like a whole lot more - they’re fun, surfy, and poppy. When the skiing gets truly rough and firm, carbon stringers, and a sensible shape mean it holds it own even when you’re just trying to keep up with the even your fastest friends. Not everyday is a pow day, but you can go look for pow any day on the Line Pandora 104.

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Blizzard Sheeva 10

The best 2020-2021 womens all mountain skis

What’s more metal than skiing in your Def Leppard denim vest and blasting the hits? Skiing on a ski with plenty of metal in it, like the Blizzard Sheeva 10. Sure, the core of this ski is just wood, but at the core of its performance lie two specially shaped titinal inserts that help give it extra power and plowability, without sacrificing agility. What does that mean in the real world? Well, when you ask the Sheeva 10 to smash through some chopped up snow as you straightline out, it’s ready to smash. That said, this ski isn’t all mean and gnarly. It’s actually probably a touch softer than some similar skis like the Nordica Santa Ana 100, and as such, its a pretty versatile ride. So, advanced skiers can really push this ski, but more intermediate skiers can also manage this ski, and grow with it.

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Coalition Snow SOS

Best 2021 women's skis

In this case, SOS might just stand for “Send On Skis.” If you like to send, the SOS is the ski for you. It’s Coalition’s best-selling ski model for a reason, just about any skier will find something to like about the SOS. A birch core helps make the ski poppy and playful, while the long, multi-radius sidecut keeps things stable and locked in at high speeds. The SOS is very versatile, it’s wide enough that pow days are a treat, but it won’t make you feel like you’re trying to navigate some unwieldy powder planks when things are a little dryer. So sure, send out the SOS, just be ready to go fast and take chances. What makes this one of the best women’s skis of 2020-2021 is its ability to make all sorts of different skiers feel at home.

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