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The 6 Best Ski Bindings for the 2020-2021 Winter

People love to shop for shiny new skis and comfortable new ski boots, but bindings are often an overlooked part of the ski gear equation. That’s too bad, because your ski bindings have a really important job to do - keep you safe. A good ski binding will keep you locked in even as you ski fast and aggressively through rough snow, but will release smoothly in the event of a crash protecting you from the twisting forces that can lead to injuries. But how do you choose the best ski bindings? Not all bindings are created equal, they all have different DIN ranges (the standardized release values that determine the threshold for your bindings to come off), they are compatible with different boot sole types, and they’re better suited to different types of skiers. Lining up all of these factors will help you pick the best ski bindings for you.

To help, we’ve put together this list of the best alpine ski bindings that we’ve found, and we’ve broken down their features and performance to help you understand which bindings will work best for your skiing style. So get excited about those new skis you’re getting for next season, and by all means, obsess over your boot choice, but don’t forget to get the right bindings to round out that package.

Look Pivot 15 GW

The best ski bindings of 2021

Some version of Look Pivots have been around for decades, and for good reason, this is one of the most tried-and-true bindings on the market, and remains one of the best ski bindings for 2021. The magic of Look bindings is their turntable heel, that rotates to eject your boot from the binding. This allows them to have a lot of elasticity, allowing the boot to move in the binding and stay on, while also protecting your knees from twisting impacts. In practice, this means one of the best combinations of security and safety. This functionality has made the pivot one of the best bindings for park skiing, and for your knees alike.

The Pivot 15 returns for 2021, as the reincarnation of the classic Pivot 15, it takes the metal design of the original Pivot 18 and pairs it with a GripWalk compatible AFD, and a lighter spring to create a lower DIN version that works for lighter skiers, and with more types of boots. This is the burliest binding on this list, and the one best suited to heavy, hard charging skiers. Lighter skiers can save some weight by going with something with a lower DIN range, but if you want the classic Pivot design, with lower DIN options, and the ability to run a GripWalk boot, the Pivot 15 is our top choice.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
6-15Alpine, GripWalk$399

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Tyrolia evo Attack 13 GW

The best ski bindings of 2021

Tyrolia’s Attack 13 is a classic workhorse of a binding. It might not have the cult following of a Pivot binding, but it offers much of the same performance at a much lower price, and lighter weight. Tyrolia has gone to great lengths to make the Attack easy to use. They’ve designed the toe and heels of the binding to make it easy to put them back on if you eject in deep snow. Unlike some bindings that are hard to put back on if your boot and the binding aren’t completely free of snow, the Attack snaps solidly back onto your boot in any conditions. And Tyrolia also makes a 12 DIN version for lighter folks who want a lower DIN, or just prefer the different color options.

Tyrolia understands that you ski better when you know your kit looks good, so we’ve got several evo-exclusive colorways available so that you can match your binding to the topsheet of whatever new skis you’ll be riding. The Attack 13 is a solid, dependable binding, at a very affordable price point.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
4-13Alpine, GripWalk$199

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Marker Griffon 13 ID

The best ski bindings of the 2020 2021 winter

Marker continues to tweak their Royal Family of bindings to optimize performance and safety, and shave weight. The latest version of the Griffon 13 ID is the most streamlined, easy to use, and safe version yet. The biggest changes to the Griffon 13 ID happened in the heelpiece. In the past, it could be challenging to lock out the heel of the binding, especially if you were trying to put your ski back on after a crash. You had to pull up the heel manually, which was not easy to do. So Marker redesigned the Griffon’s heelpiece to make it easier to snap into. Now it gives an audible “thunk” when your boot is properly in the binding, and it’s much easier to step into.

Beyond the redesigned heel, Marker made the Griffon compatible with as many boot sole norms as possible. Its AFD has a wide range of adjustment, so it can fit everything from touring boots to classic race boots. This makes it very versatile, you don’t need to worry about your bindings working with your new boots, just make sure a certified Marker technician adjusts them to whatever boots you may have. If you’re looking for a very versatile binding that’s at home with any boots, on any ski, the Marker Griffon 13 ID is your top choice.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
4-13Alpine, Alpine Touring, WTR, GripWalk$229

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Marker Squire 11 ID

The best women's ski bindings of 2021

If a 13 DIN binding sounds like overkill to you, Marker makes the Squire 11. The Squire 11 takes most of the features of the Griffon, and reworks them into a lighter package. The lower DIN range means that these are some of the best ski bindings for women and lighter skiers - allowing them to find a setting that works for them and isn’t at the bottom extreme of the binding’s range. The Squire has a different heel from other Marker bindings, it’s much lighter, though not quite as robust. So if you’re a bigger skier who’s harder on gear, you’ll want to go with a heavier, more durable binding.

Like the Griffon, the Squire 11 ID has a very adjustable AFD, you can make it work with basically any boot soles, and it’s a quick adjustment to swap between standards. So if you like the sound of the Griffon, but don’t need the DIN range, and prefer a lighter binding, the Squire 11 ID is your ticket to success.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
3-11Alpine, Alpine Touring, WTR, GripWalk$189

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Salomon Warden MNC 11

The best ski bindings for the 2021 winter

Salomon’s Warden is the original adaptable binding. It was designed when boot norms were still in flux, and skiers just needed a solid, dependable binding that worked with a wide range of boot soles. Enter the Warden. Like the Squire, the Warden 11 has a lower DIN range, but it’s a bit heavier, and a little more durable. Salomon also makes a Warden 13 for heavier skiers who run higher DINs. Salomon bindings have a different feel from Marker bindings, they provide a much more binary “on-off” experience. They make a satisfying click when you put them on, and they’re a little easier to put on in deep snow than the Squire. So if you’re looking for a very adjustable binding that delivers on Salomon’s tried-and-true lineage of great bindings, look no further than the Warden. Plus, their price is one of the lowest on this list, making them some of the best ski bindings under $200.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
3.5-11Alpine, Alpine Touring, WTR, GripWalk$199

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Salomon STH2 WTR 13

The best ski bindings for powder skis

The Salomon STH line of bindings has almost the same hallowed status as old Pivot bindings, they’re classic for a reason. They’ve long been one of the most dependable and best ski binding options on the market, they do what they’re supposed to do without any drama. But that doesn’t mean Salomon has rested on their laurels. Instead they’ve continued to improve the STH series, and the STH2 WTR is the best version yet. Folks love STH’s for their security, they rarely pre-release, and they’re very easy to get in and out of, even when the snow is deep, making them some of the best bindings for powder skis. The STH2 a reassuring feel, and is compatible with both alpine boots, and Salomon’s WTR boot soles.

While the STH2 is not quite as versatile as something like the Griffon ID, it’s a very dependable binding at a great price. And replacement parts and extra brakes are readily available. If you just want your bindings to do their job, without requiring any fiddling and tweaking, the STH2 is a great option.

DIN RangeSole Compatibility Original Price
4-13Alpine, Walk to Ride$249

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