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The 7 Best Park Skis of 2021-2022 - Men's & Women's

If rails, lips, pretzels, and jibs consume your mind, you’re probably in the market for a pair of park skis. And, while the umbrella category of “park skis” is pretty broad, you’re probably looking for something a little more specific. It used to be that brands would market anything they made with a twinned tail as a park ski, if you could ski it backward, it was a park ski. Now though, after decades of innovation from both park skiers and ski brands, folks who want to spin and slide their way through the terrain park have a lot more options. There are options from wide, soft, buttery jib noodles, to stiff, narrow, precise competition skis, with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in between. So, while the best park skis used to just be anything that could hold up to slamming into rails for a season, there’s a lot more nuance to deal with now.

That means that there’s no one “best” pair of park skis that will be perfect for every skier. Instead, what ski will be best for you depends on your skiing style and goals. Like skiing at slower speeds and getting creative with new tricks and butters? A wider, softer ski will suit you well. But, if you like to compete, go big, and spin to win, something with more backbone and edge control for icy lips and landings is a better choice. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best park skis of 2022 we’ve found. They cover the whole spectrum of park skiing and offer something for everyone.

Faction Prodigy 2.0

Best 2021-2022 park skis

The Prodigy is Faction’s playful all-mountain series of skis. That means that the Prodigy 2.0 is a little more versatile than many of the other options on this list. It’s got a little more tip and tail rocker, and more tip taper to make it more agile and maneuverable in variable snow conditions outside the park. Sure, it’s no pow slayer, but if you ski mainly in the park, but like to ski the whole mountain as well, and want one ski to do it all, the Prodigy 2.0 hits the mark. The way that the flex ramps up from the softer tips and tails into the stiffer middle of the skis gives them nie pop, and makes them ski fast. This is a great feeling for jumps. Skiers who enjoy soft and buttery park skis may prefer some other options on the list, but for all-mountain skiers who focus on the park, the Prodigy 2.0 is a solid option.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
98mmC3 Camber w/ Tip & Tail Rocker$599

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K2 Poacher

Best 2021-2022 park skis

K2 has a long legacy of making versatile park skis that excel all over the mountain, and the K2 Poacher is their latest and greatest installment. The Poacher manages to walk a fine line, it’s still snappy and narrow enough to make technical tricks in the park easy, but it’s also wide enough, with enough rocker to handle deeper days off the piste. So, if you only ski park, and only care about jump and rail performance, the Poacher might not be the perfect ski for you. But, if you like to mix up your days with some natural hits, tree laps, and park runs, the Poacher is just about perfect. Its fir/aspen core gives it a predictable, stable ride quality, while carbon stringers help it stay poppy and fun.

The Poacher isn’t just a park ski, even though it fills that task very well. So, if you like to get into a little bit of everything, with a park-biased style, the Poacher is one of the best skis for park and all mountain and gets the job done.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
96mmAll-Terrain Twin Rocker$499.95

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Line Skis Honey Bee - Women's

Best 2021-2022 womens park skis

Line has long had one of the most complete ski lineups of any brand, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve got one of the best women’s park skis. The Honey Bee is a do-everything park ski. It’s a little wider than average, so it’s got a bigger platform for new wave tricks and all mountain skiing, but it’s still snappy enough to allow you to stack switch ups on that down-box. Line’s symmetric flex makes the Honey Bee predictable when you’re skiing forward or switch, and the fatty bases and edge hold up well to repeated rail strikes.

If you like to spend most of your time in the terrain park, but often stray outside of it for a few runs, the Line Honey Bee was made to keep up with you.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
92mmEarly Rise$349.95

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Atomic Punx Five

Best 2021-2022 park skis

The Atomic Punx line has long been synonymous with precise, exacting competition-oriented skis. However, Atomic has tweaked the Punx Five to be a little more versatile around the rest of the mountain as well. It’s still got the narrow waist, moderate rocker, and very subtle taper you’d expect, but that’s combined with a very light foam and wood core, and softer flex. That means you don’t need the biggest jumps and highest speeds to make the most of the Punx Five. Instead, it’s pretty approachable and very versatile. It’s happy to jib around the mini-park, buttering every roller, but on bigger jumps and firmer snow, it holds up well and is easy to throw big spins on.

The Atomic Punx Five is also an incredible value. It’s affordable, high-performing, and most importantly, a whole bunch of fun to ski in anywhere making it one of the best terrain park skis.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
85mmPark Rocker$349.99

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Völkl Bash 86

Best 2021-2022 park skis

Völkl’s Bash 86 is a purebred competition park ski. It’s narrow, it’s stiff, it’s lively, and it’s precise. Exactly what you need when you’re trying to add another spin to your biggest rotation, or boost higher out of an icy halfpipe. This isn’t some mellow all-rounder, and while it’s fun for a few laps here and there outside the park, its focus is primarily jumps, rails, spins, and jibs. If you like to noodle around, buttering everything, you might find the Bash a little stiff and hooky. But, if you’re trying to go big, and pack every air with as many rotations as possible, the Bash 96 fits the bill and is one of the best trick skis.

The Völkl Bash 86 is a traditional park ski, and that’s a very good thing. It offers a stable platform to test yourself and push your limits. If you’re ready to step up, so is the Bash 86.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
86mmTip & Tail Rocker$399.99

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Line Skis Tom Wallisch Pro

Best 2021-2022 park skis

When Line first signed park phenomenon Tom Wallisch, the internet was in an uproar. We all held our breath with anticipation of his first new pro model. And through the years, the Line Tom Wallisch Pro has consistently been one of the most well-rounded park skis on the market. Its 90 mm width places it squarely between the more new school jib skis, and the narrower comp skis of old. And it splits that difference nicely. The Tom Wallisch Pro can function right up there with the best skis for buttering and is comfortable hitting a tightly kinked urban rail, while at the same time ready to session a pristine jump line. It doesn’t give up any performance, and its durable construction holds up to a lot of abuse.

If you’re still figuring out your own individual style, searching for what sort of park skiing makes you happy, the Line Tom Wallisch Pro is a great tool to explore on. It’s versatile, approachable, and lends itself well to a wide variety of skiing styles.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
90mmEarly Rise$449.95

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Armada Bdog

Best 2021-2022 park skis

Armada’s Bdog has been around for a long time, in a few different iterations, as Phil Casabon’s pro model. This latest version strikes an interesting balance. It combines a fairly tapered shape with plenty of tip and tail rocker and a soft flex. That all combines to make for a very playful, easy to maneuver and butter ski. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise if you’ve ever watched one of Phil’s video parts, he makes the most of tight transitions, and technical transfers, while oozing style. And in keeping with that, Armada uses a thicker base and edge to keep the Bdog durable even on long street missions.

So, if park skiing, to you, means trying to milk as much style from every feature and transition, and you like loose, soft skis, the Armada Bdog is one of the best freestyle skis and absolutely fits the bill.

Waist WidthRocker Profile Original Price 
94mmAR Freestyle Rocker$549.95

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