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The 6 Best Ski & Snowboard Gloves of 2020-2021

Sure, you’re supposed to hop on that client conference call at 11:00, but it snowed ten inches overnight, and if you time your lift ride right you can just hop on the call for a few minutes between pow laps. It’s a perfect plan, touch base and let your boss know you’re taking this job very seriously, and then get back to snagging some of the deepest turns of the season. Except when you try to use your bulky ski gloves to get out your phone, it slips out of your grasp and falls into the fresh snow under the chairlift.

Whether this sounds like you, or not, bad gloves can quickly ruin your day. The best ski & snowboard gloves, meanwhile, not only keep you warm and dry but give you the dexterity to play hooky and zoom into your meetings from the chairlift. To help you narrow the field, we’ve compiled this list of the best winter gloves of 2021. These gloves offer top-notch performance while still allowing you the dexterity you need to use your phone, adjust your goggles, and do all the other stuff hands are made to do.

Oyuki Sencho & Oyuki Chika - Women's

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard glovesBest 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

Oyuki might not be on the tip of every skier’s tongue, but they really should be. This small Japanese brand, only found at evo, is committed to making sleek, high-performing gloves with classic understated style. There are no wild colors or unnecessary features here. Instead, the Sencho and women’s Chika gloves just use premium materials and painstaking design to keep your hands comfortable, warm and dry, for years to come. Oyuki’s seasoned goatskin shell shrugs off damage from rope toes and errant branches, protecting the GORE-TEX liner that lies underneath, keeping water out, and letting sweat escape. Strategic Primaloft insulation rounds out the package, with their special “Grip” insulation used in the palm and fingers to help ensure the insulation won’t pack out and stop working after repeated days spent gripping ski poles. Some skiers are loud and brash, others are classy and understated. If you fall into the latter category, the Oyuki Sencho or Chika is the glove for you.

GORE-TEXPrimaloft Gold/Grip$139.95

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Hestra Army Leather Heli & Hestra Heli - Women's

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard glovesBest 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

For skiers looking for a premium glove, there’s always been one clear leader for high-end ski and snowboard gloves: Hestra. Hestra has been making some of the best ski gloves for decades, for everyone from professional skiers to military special operations soldiers. They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the highest level of performance out of every style of winter glove. Their Heli glove is designed for the coldest and wettest days, its over-the-cuff design works with your jacket to lock out any cold air or moisture. Hit the ski resort locker room early on any pow day and you’re nearly guaranteed to see a few of the most experienced skiers on the hill pulling on their trusty Hestra Heli gloves. This glove just plain works.

Looking for a glove that’s overkill most days, without feeling like overkill? Just want one pair of gloves that can stand up to anything mother nature might throw at you? Grab some Heli Gloves and let your skiing do the talking.

Triton 3 Layer PolyamideSynthetic Fiberfill$159.95 & 139.95

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Dakine Titan & Dakine Sequoia - Women's

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard glovesBest 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

Dakine’s Titan (and the women’s Sequoia version) are a great reminder that you don’t have to fork over an arm and a leg to get high-quality, durable gloves. Dakine has managed to create a glove that performs very well, and half the price of many others. And that lower price doesn’t mean the Titan sacrifices any features. It’s got a GORE-TEX liner, with GORE's Warm technology that uses strategic materials to allow the hand to breathe while still keeping it very dry. Throw in anatomically designed fingers and a stash/hot pack packet on the back of the glove, and you’ve got a great over-the-cuff option for skiers on a budget. The Titan & Sequoia are some of the best cheap ski & snowboard gloves, grab a pair and use that money you saved to help fund that dream trip.

GORE-TEXHigh loft synthetic$170

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Burton GORE-TEX & Burton GORE-TEX - Women's

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard glovesBest 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

Burton might not have been very creative when they named their GORE-TEX gloves, but they put tons of attention into the details to create affordable, quality gloves, with everything dedicated skiers need. Like the Titan, it uses GORE's Warm tech to create some of the warmest gloves with a GORE-TEX liner on the market. And it’s also got a pocket for hand warmers on the back, so even if your hands tend to run cold, you’ll still stay comfortable all day in the GORE-TEX.

As a huge bonus, this glove also includes a removable, touch screen compatible liner. So you can wash just the liners to keep from getting that dreaded glove stank, and you can slip the gloves off but still keep your hands warm if you need to use your phone. The Burton GORE-TEX has all the features you want, at a price you can stomach.


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Black Diamond Tour

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

If you guessed that the Tour gloves from Black Diamond were centered around the needs of backcountry skiers, you’d be right. They’re designed to be ideal for anyone who earns their turns on the regular. The Tour isn’t as bulky as a regular ski glove, instead, it’s designed to keep your hands warm, even while you’re working hard on the way up, and allow them to breathe as you sweat. When it comes time to transition, the Tour has great dexterity, it’s easy to rip skins and get your goggles and helmet back on while wearing them, and they provide plenty of warmth and waterproofing for the way down.

If you’re just riding chairs, the Tour might not be quite warm and waterproof enough for you, but if you love setting the skin track and skiing in the backcountry, these are some of the best ski & snowboard gloves for you.

MembraneInsulationOriginal Price 
NoneFleece Lining$79.95

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Burton Touchscreen Liner

Best 2020-2021 ski & snowboard gloves

So you’ve found your new favorite gloves or mittens, but they’re just not quite warm enough for those ridiculously cold mornings. Or maybe you just want a washable liner to keep your gloves smelling nice. Regardless, the Burton Touchscreen liner is an affordable way to add some warmth and versatility to your gloves. They’re low profile enough that you can wear them comfortably under any of the gloves on this list, and they’re fully touchscreen compatible so you can use your phone or other devices without exposing your hands to the cold. And on warm spring days, you’ll be happy to be able to ski in just the liner. So if you’re looking to get just a little extra performance out of your ski gloves, grab a pair of these Burton liners and never look back.

MembraneInsulationOriginal Price 

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