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Gregory Packs Size Chart

Finding the Perfect Fit

Having a well-fitted pack allows you to stay comfortable and use less energy on the trail—which is good for you. It also allows you to use your pack correctly and to fill it to its maximum capacity for optimal performance—which is also good for you.

*All Gregory packs not included on this size chart are One Size Fits Most.*

Backpacking & Hiking

Torso Length13"/33 cm14"/35.5 cm15"/38 cm16"/40.5 cm17"/43 cm18"/46 cm19"/48 cm20"/51 cm21"/53 cm22"/56 cm
Baltoro   SSS or MMM or LLL
Deva (F) XSXSXS or SSS or MMM  
Baltoro Pro   SSS or MMM or LLL
Paragon  S/MS/MS/MS/M or M/LS/M or M/LM/LM/LM/L
Maven (F) XS/SXS/SXS/S or S/MXS/S or S/MS/MS/MS/M  
Zulu  S/MS/MS/MS/M or M/LS/M or M/LM/LM/LM/L
Jade (F) XS/SXS/SXS/S or S/MXS/S or S/MS/MS/MS/M  

Alpine & Ski

Torso Length13"/33 cm14"/35.5 cm15"/38 cm16"/40.5 cm17"/43 cm18"/45.7cm19"/48 cm20"/51 cm21"/53 cm22"/56 cm
Denali   SSS or MMM or LLL
Alpinisto   SSS or MMM or LLL
Targhee   SSS or MMM or LLL