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Trickle Down Deck | Andy Officer

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Andy Officer’s Trickle Down Skateboard Deck

This latest skateboard deck design in our evo employee series comes from evo photo editor, Andy Officer. For his graphic, Andy created a massive metropolis with a bright clear blue sky. Follow the image down and find the reflection in the river is clouded with green haze and smoke as a farmer gathers food, while in the foreground a child takes aim at you, the viewer, with a slingshot.

“I have been creating photomontage work for about 15 years, drawing most of my inspiration from master photosurrealist Jerry Uelsmann,” says Andy. “I primarily gather images, like ingredients, while out in the world - things that I find interesting to capture and transform into dreamscapes.”
Andy Officer
evo Photo Retoucher

Andy in the office

Like almost all of us, Andy had to adapt to the new COVID world during lockdown, and this had a significant impact on his artistic process.

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The result?

This rad graphic with our slingshot bearing younger generations in the foreground, fed up with footing the bill.

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