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Who am I?
Sunny, yes, Sunny is my real name. It is not short for anything. I grew up here in the northwest and I love it for the following reasons: 400+ inch winters, sailing on the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, mountain and road rides, phosphorescence, volcanoes, pickleball, coffee shops on every corner, Dungeness crabs in the front yard, proximity to friends and family, yes, I even like the rain. When would I do laundry?

How did you come to work at evo?
I heard about evo while going to school in Bozeman, Montana. Bryce Phillips showed up at my house and once you meet this guy you will understand. With my roots in the Seattle area, a passion for providing people with the best experience possible on the mountain, water or web, plus, the "lifestyle". evo and I were a good fit.

Favorite color?
I like blue. water. sky. blue.

First time skiing?
My first time skiing was Christmas Day age 3. I skied from my bedroom into the kitchen fully buckled and locked into my brand new boots bindings and skis. I am pretty sure my parents were really impressed when I made a couple nice turns on the tile floor. Later that week, Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula, my new skis first hit the northwest snow.