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What other companies/brands are killing it right now?
DPS, ON3P, Westcomb, Paseo's, Fremont Brewing, Spinnaker Bay Brewing, Rachels Ginger Beer, Dynafit, PMGear, Sweetgrass Productions, Reuben's Brews, Black Diamond, Arteryx

What's your weapon of choice?
Anything in the Saucerboy Arsenal. If we're Break-Dance fighting then of course "The worm"!

Favorite color?
Blue Steel

What year did you land or try your first spread eagle?
1995, landed it. Claimed I was the best skier on the mountain. Still am.

Favorite Animal?
Liger. Wait What? Sea otters, Mountain Goats, Sea Turtles and Eagles.

Least Favorite Animal?
Snow Sharks, the Rats in my basement.

Bottled water?
Klean Kanteen.... It carries anything - Kerosene, clean water, hot cocoa, mom's chicken noodle soup!

Going green:
Kermit is my hero.