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What is your go to karaoke song?
Ronnie James Dio - Holy Diver

Favorite Movie?
It's an honest toss-up between 'Gleaming the Cube' and 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'. On one hand, you have (spoiler alert!) Christian Slater with a dangly cross earring riding a diamond plated skateboard, avenging his dead adopted brother, taking down a gun smuggling ring all whilst winning the heart of his dead brother's girlfriend. On the other hand, you have a keen historical journey through time and awesome rock references. Can I have both?

First Concert?
New Kids on the Block (pre-NKOTB) at the King Dome in Seattle. I sat in the last row and cried almost the entire time because the teenage girls in front of me wouldn't sit down or stop screaming - not being able to see or hear Joey McIntyre was soul crushing. The night was redeemed when I did the running man down the entire ramp outside on our way to the car.

What's on your list to conquer?
To Do: Jump out of an airplane, summit Mt. Rainier, cage dive with great white sharks, explore Patagonia, heli-board Alaska Done: Snowboard in Chile & Japan

Favorite hills?
White Pass or Mt. Baker

Weapon of Choice?
In the Winter? GNU Zoid (seriously, try it out!), Lib Darker Series, GNU Beast or GNU Billy Goat Split. In the Summer my Surly Straggler or All City Nature Boy Disc. All other times? My own two feet.