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CAPiTA Snowboard Size Chart - 2020

Women's CAPiTA Snowboard Size Chart
Kids' CAPiTA Snowboard Size Chart

Men's CAPiTA Snowboard Size Chart 

ModelLength (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US Men's)
The Asymulator152110-150250Up to 9.5
The Asymulator154120-180252Up to 10.5
The Asymulator156130-190254Up to 10.5
The Black Snowboard of Death156130-190253Up to 10.5
The Black Snowboard of Death159140-200256Up to 11.5
The Black Snowboard of Death162150-210259Up to 11.5
The Black Snowboard of Death165160-220+26210.5+
Defenders of Awesome14890-150244Up to 7.5
Defenders of Awesome150100-150246Up to 9.5
Defenders of Awesome152110-150248Up to 9.5
Defenders of Awesome154120-180250Up to 9.5
Defenders of Awesome156130-190252Up to 10.5
Defenders of Awesome158140-200254Up to 10.5
Defenders of Awesome160160-220+257Up to 11.5
Defenders of Awesome155 Wide130-190258Up to 11.5
Defenders of Awesome158 Wide140-20026010.5+
Defenders of Awesome161 Wide160-220+26210.5+
Super DoA152110-150248Up to 9.5
Super DoA154120-180250Up to 9.5
Super DoA156130-190252Up to 10.5
Super DoA158140-200254Up to 10.5
Super DoA160160-220+257Up to 11.5
Super DoA155 Wide130-190258Up to 11.5
Super DoA158 Wide140-20026010.5+
Super DoA161 Wide160-220+26210.5+
Horrorscope14580-120246Up to 9.5
Horrorscope14790-150248Up to 9.5
Horrorscope14990-150250Up to 9.5
Horrorscope151100-150252Up to 10.5
Horrorscope153110-170254Up to 10.5
Horrorscope155120-180256Up to 11.5
Horrorscope157140-200258Up to 11.5
Horrorscope151 Wide110-150258Up to 11.5
Horrorscope153 Wide110-17026010.5+
Horrorscope155 Wide130-19026110.5+
Horrorscope157 Wide140-200+26310.5+
Indoor Survival150100-150242Up to 7.5
Indoor Survival152110-160243Up to 7.5
Indoor Survival154120-180248Up to 9.5
Indoor Survival156130-190251Up to 10.5
Indoor Survival158140-200253Up to 10.5
Indoor Survival160150-210+257Up to 11.5
Outerspace Living150100-150242Up to 7.5
Outerspace Living152110-160243Up to 7.5
Outerspace Living154120-180248Up to 9.5
Outerspace Living156130-190250Up to 9.5
Outerspace Living158140-200253Up to 10.5
Outerspace Living160150-210+256Up to 11.5
Outerspace Living155 Wide125-18526010.5+
Outerspace Living157 Wide135-19526210.5+
Outerspace Living159 Wide145-210+26410.5+
The Outsiders150100-150250Up to 9.5
The Outsiders152100-160252Up to 10.5
The Outsiders154120-180254Up to 10.5
The Outsiders156130-190255Up to 11.5
The Outsiders158140-200+258Up to 11.5
Scott Stevens Pro15190-150252Up to 10.5
Scott Stevens Pro153100-160254Up to 10.5
Scott Stevens Pro155120-180255Up to 11.5
Scott Stevens Pro157130-190256Up to 11.5
Ultrafear14790-150248Up to 9.5
Ultrafear14990-150250Up to 9.5
Ultrafear151100-150252Up to 10.5
Ultrafear153110-170254Up to 10.5
Ultrafear155120-180255Up to 11.5
Ultrafear157140-200256Up to 11.5
Ultrafear153 Wide110-170259Up to 11.5
Ultrafear155 Wide130-19026010.5+
Spring Break Slush Slasher13990-1602807+
Spring Break Slush Slasher143110-1702827+
Spring Break Slush Slasher147130-1802847+
Spring Break Slush Slasher151150-200+2867+
Spring Break Powder Mini Tree Hunter151120-1702657+
Spring Break Powder Powder Racer154120-1702727+
Spring Break Powder Powder Glider158140-200+2698+
Spring Break Powder Tree Hunter161150-200+2749+
Spring Break Powder Catamaran166150-220+2699+
Spring Break Powder Swallow Tail167160-220+29210+
Spring Break Powder Racer151120-17026710.5+
Spring Break Powder Racer154120-17027210.5+
Spring Break Powder Racer157140-200+27810.5+
Mercury153100-160253Up to 10.5
Mercury155120-180255Up to 11.5
Mercury157130-190257Up to 11.5
Mercury159140-200259Up to 11.5
Kazu Kokubo Pro151100-150251Up to 10.5
Kazu Kokubo Pro154100-160253Up to 10.5
Kazu Kokubo Pro157130-190255Up to 11.5
Kazu Kokubo Pro160140-200+257Up to 11.5
Supernova153100-160242Up to 7.5
Supernova156120-180245Up to 7.5
Supernova159130-190249Up to 9.5
Supernova162140-200+254Up to 10.5
Neo Slasher154110-160250Up to 9.5
Neo Slasher158140-190256Up to 11.5
Neo Slasher161150-200258Up to 11.5
Neo Slasher164170-220+26110.5+
The Navigator14790-140241Up to 7.5
The Navigator151110-160245Up to 7.5
The Navigator155130-190252Up to 9.5
The Navigator158150-200256Up to 10.5
The Navigator161160-21026010.5+
The Navigator164170-220+26410.5+